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Clearing Gemstone Jewelry from Negative Energy How to Clear Gems from Unwanted, and Charge with Positive Energy

Clearing Gemstone Jewelry from Negative Energy

Gemstones and crystals, as well as gemstone jewelry, always carry the energy of the wearer. They protect the owner form the negative, accumulating it in themselves, and give out the good energy to support the person. Therefore, whether it is a new, or a worn before piece, it should be cleared from negative energy. Also check out the Unique Crystals in the jewellery. Here is how it can be done.

Sea Salt for Clearing Gemstone Jewelry

  • Dissolve a tablespoon of sea salt in a glass of water, and leave the piece or the gem in this liquid for an overnight. Make sure the container is made of glass or ceramics. Plastic or metal are not good for this method since they carry the energy of fire and metal, while the clearing is performed by means of the Feng Shui earth and water elements.
  • Having chosen to clear gemstone jewelry in a dry salt, just leave the piece covered by salt in a glass or ceramic cup for an overnight.
  • Washing the piece in the ocean is also a way of clearing it from negative and unwanted energy.

While salt is a good option for pieces that hold gemstones in metal, it is not the best variant for those, that carry gemstones on a cord (necklaces, bracelets). So, choose another method for such jewelry.

Sunlight for Clearing and Charging Gems with Good Energy

Sunlight, representing the fire element of Feng Shui, can clear and purify gemstones from negative energy as well. In addition, the sun will charge a gem with its bright and active energy of fire. Just leave a piece in the sun (on a windowsill, for example) for a whole day. This method is especially good for golden pieces with gemstones, because gold is considered to be a metal of sun, so it will also get charged with the powerful energy of the hot star.

Moonlight for Clearing Gems and Jewelry

Moonlight clearing is especially good for pieces that contain silver, because silver is believed to be a moon metal.

Leave the piece in the moonlight for an overnight. Full moon periods are the best for clearing jewelry with gemstones.

  • An even stronger effect can be reached by leaving a piece on a moonlit windowsill for 3 nights, starting with the night before the fool moon.
  • If the gemstone definitely carries much negative energy (if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, or if it was used for clearing space, for example), leave the piece in a glass of salt water in the moonlight.
  • Leaving gemstones buried in the earth for an overnight with a full moon is another way of clearing and charging jewelry with the moon energy.

Sea salt, sunlight and moonlight are all powerful tools for clearing jewelry with gemstones from negative energy. Whatever method is chosen, make sure your thoughts are positive when preparing to clear the gem. In some time, when a feeling that the gem has lost its power comes, be sure to repeat the procedure in order to refresh the gem’s energy again. And, of course, don’t forget to properly organize and wear gemstone jewelry.