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Luxury Rentals Upgrade the Wedding and Honeymoon Experience

Steep prices often prohibit brides and grooms from having the wedding or honeymoon of their dreams, but there is help. Today, nearly everything is available for rent, and the choice of available luxury items is vast.

Designer Jewelry Rental

What woman wouldn’t want to sparkle like a queen on her wedding day? With designer jewelry rental, those diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious gems that a bride may covet can become a part of her ensemble, if only temporarily.

For the bride there are earrings, necklaces, hair adornments, bracelets and rings to rent. All are worth thousands of dollars, and all are created with gemstones usually reserved for the rich and famous. Wedding dresses keep great importance for brides, so they take care of dresses.

For the groom, a nice Rolex watch, a diamond tie clip, or a pair of platinum and black opal cufflinks, may make him feel like a king as he awaits his bride at the altar.

Purse Rental

In some world locations, even the wedding guests rent purses to take to a wedding. With purse rentals, a bride can choose from her favorite high-end designers like Gucci, Prada, and Chanel. Rentals are available just for the wedding day or for a wedding  honeymoon combination.
Purchasing a designer handbag can make a huge dent in any wedding budget, but renting that bag can be far more affordable.

Honeymoon Travel and Luggage Rental

If plunking down the equivalent of a small car on a set of luggage is not in the honeymoon budget, there is still a way to sail away with designer luggage in tow.

Hotel doormen know expensive luggage when they see it, and there is no question that it makes an impression. With a rental, that set of very expensive Louis Vuitton suitcases can add a little extra thrill to the honeymoon without breaking the bank.

Wedding Rentals A to Z

From the top of the head, (sporting a stunning pair of Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses,) to the soles of the feet, (styling in a sizzling pair of Jimmy Choo shoes,) just about anything can be rented. With the exception of the most private of garments, a bride and groom can completely outfit themselves and accessorize their wedding day and the honeymoon with expensive products at a fraction of the cost of buying.

The one caveat to renting is the security deposit, which can be substantial and must be paid up front. The deposit is refunded when the rented item is returned in good condition.

Each rental company establishes its own rental and security policies, and reading the extensive fine print before renting will assure comfort for all parties. Doing business only with an established company that boasts a reputable service history and verifiable references will protect a married couple from undesirable red tape and disappointment.

The legitimacy of a rental company can be verified with due diligence. Some methods of verifying a company’s value may include information obtained from:

  • The Better Business Bureau
  • The Department of Corporations (for any given state)
  • The City and/or County Business Licensing Bureau
  • Watchdog companies such as Fraud Watchers or Consumer Watchdog
  • Consumer online review sites such as Measured Up

Rented Wedding Supplies Work

If it’s made to be worn or carried, it’s available to rent. Brides and grooms can feel like queens and kings for a day, or even a month, by renting instead of buying.

Not everyone can afford a royal lifestyle on a daily basis, but with renting, that most special of occasions can truly feel like a coronation.

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